Ice skating and associated activities are classified as high risk sports. There are inherent and other risks involved in the sport of ice skating and injuries are a common occurrence of the sport. Skaters (including their guests and parents/ guardians) voluntarily participate in these activities with knowledge of the risks involved and agree to accept any and all responsibility for and risk of injury, demise, physical or mental illness, and harm, loss or damage to person or property (collectively, “Injury”) that may occasion from ice skating. Sport Singapore (formerly known as the Singapore Sports Council) and CapitaLand Retail Management Pte Ltd (as managing agent of The Rink) are not responsible for any Injury howsoever caused to any skater, customer or any other person present at The Rink (including any person below 6 years of age). All skaters, customers or any other person present at The Rink, JCube, remain solely responsible for their own safety at The Rink and shall comply with all safety rules and guidelines that may from time to time be applicable.