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Which class should I join?

Selecting a Learn-to-Skate (LTS) class is simple! If your kid is between 3 to 5-years-old, they can join our Kids Learn-to-Skate programme (2 levels). For beginners aged 6-years-old and above, you should go for the Core Blades (Basic) group classes, which consists of 4 levels.

Experienced skaters can choose to specialize in a sport of their choice. You can opt for either Advanced Learn-to-Skate for Figure Skating (5 levels), Speed Skating (6 levels) or Ice Hockey (4 levels). To find out more, visit the Learn-to-Skate page.

Please note that the class ratio is 10 students to 1 coach, and classes will be grouped according to age.

Are there any age or fitness requirements?

Anyone who is physically healthy and over 3 years of age can start skating. No prior skating experience is required, but do let your coach know if you have any pre-existing health conditions and alert them if you feel discomfort during classes.

How do I enroll, and what do the courses include?

Enrollment is only available online. Please take note that enrollment has to be 72-hours prior to the start of the lesson, and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Term schedules can be found on the lessons page.

  • Learn-to-Skate Fees (per skater, per level): $171.20
  • Kids Learn-to-Skate and Core Blades (Basic): $171.20
  • Advanced Learn-to-Skate Courses: $214

*Prices are inclusive of GST, admission, and skate boots rental for Learn-to-Skate Kids, Basic and Figure Skating. Speed skating boots are available for rental, and please bring your own Ice Hockey gear as they are not available at The Rink.

*Subsidized fees are available for School CCA programmes. You may get your school CCA/PE HOD to contact us.

Do I need my own skates and gear?

Rental skate boots will be provided for Learn-to-Skate Kids, Basic and Figure Skating. Rental for Speed Skating Boots is available, and please ensure you have your own Ice Hockey gear as The Rink does not provide them.

Where can I find the schedule for each term?

The schedule for current and upcoming terms can be found on the pages of each course.

Am I eligible for a make-up class if I miss my lesson?

You are entitled to a make-up session only if you could not attend class due to health issue, a medical certification is required for verification. Please contact us for more information. Please note that make-up classes are subject to approval and availability.

Are there any charges for accompany adults?

All Group and Individual Learn-to-Skate students are entitled to free admission for one accompanying* adult during lessons. Any subsequent accompanying* adult or child will be required to pay spectator admission at $4 each.
*Public skating admission rate applies should accompany adult or child choose to skate.

Are there any special activities during School Holidays?

You can check out our Holiday Ice Camp during the School Holidays. This intensive programme shortens the Core Blades (Basic) programme of 5 weekly lessons into only 4 daily classes. The Holiday Ice Camp is available during School Holiday periods in March, June, September and November to December.

You can find the schedule for upcoming terms on the Holiday Ice Camp page.

Can ice skating be a school CCA?

Definitely! Learn-to-Skate can be booked as a CCA at a subsidised rate of $107 per skater per level (usual price $171.20) for Basic Core Blades, and Advanced Learn-to-Skate at $134 per skater (usual price $214). Please note that prices are for 5 weeks of lessons, and a minimum of 10 students per school is required in order to enjoy the subsidized rate.

Please contact us for the application form.

Am I eligible for Individual Lessons?

Yes, anyone can sign up for Individual Lessons for a more focused session.

How do I book Individual Lessons?

To book your Individual Lessons, simply head down to The Rink’s customer service counter at least 3 days in advance, as lessons are subject to availability. You may also refer to the Public Skating schedule for the Individual Lesson availability. Sessions are $70 per 30-minute lesson, excluding admission fee and skate boots rental.

Can I request for a particular coach for my Individual Lessons?

You may request for your preferred coach from list of certified coaches, subject to availability.

How many Individual Lessons can I book?

You may book up to 10 Individual Lessons slots in one transaction. All bookings are subject to availability, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Individual Lessons schedule can be found on our Public Skating Schedule. All bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance.

What if I am unable to attend the Individual Lesson after the payment and booking with coach?

Rescheduling of lesson can be done directly with your coach in advance, and subjected to your coach’s availability.

Are there any refund provided if I am unable to attend the Individual Lesson after I made the payment?

No refund will be made for all bookings at The Rink. You may reschedule the lesson directly with your coach in advance, and subjected to your coach’s availability.

Due to the current Safe-Distancing Measures, are we still able to do group classes?

Yes, as the current measures only allows lessons to be in pair, students are able to find your own skating buddy (preferably within your social bubbles) to do a private group lesson for 2. Students must be above 18 years old. Check our LTS e-brochures for more information on lessons!